Guiding Principles for a Sage Alternative

Protection of People and Property from Flooding and Storm Surge

Together with conservation groups across the Greater Houston-Galveston region, we present a vision for an environmentally-preferable alternative for flood and storm surge protection. This proposal is premised on the following two key concepts that such an alternative must:

  • Work with, rather than against nature; and
  • Keep people out of harm’s way.

This alternative should, to the maximum extent practicable, employ non-structural means, such as: preservation and enhancement of prairies, riparian areas, barrier islands and wetlands; buyouts and strategic withdrawal from areas that cannot be adequately protected; and, appropriate land use regulation to give effect to those concepts.

We believe that any alternative or combination of alternatives must be fully analyzed for environmental impacts, as well as cost:benefit ratio, and that in evaluating the alternatives we must consider the future effectiveness of our selected remedy. Given the rapidly changing climatic conditions, and its effect on the coastal area, we believe that 100 years is an appropriate projection.

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