Our Work


Bayou City Waterkeeper aims to ensure that every waterway in the Lower Galveston Bay watershed is swimmable, fishable, and drinkable for all. Our watershed is beautifully complex, with numerous bayous, rivers, and streams that flow into Galveston Bay. 

Our mission is to ensure the aquatic integrity of our watershed by focusing on the protection of wetlands, floodplains, and other critical habitats, advocating for restoration and protection of our natural resources and holding polluters accountable through compliance with the Clean Water Act.

Our programs include:


Protecting Wetlands

Bayou City Waterkeeper aims to preserve and protect our wetlands by reviewing requests for wetland destruction permits and monitoring new and ongoing development projects that occur in our interior wetlands. Through our Wetland Watch Program, we share our policy expertise with people and communities who want to stop these damaging projects, and help locals fight wetland destruction in their communities - demanding that applicants avoid wetland destruction with reasonable, alternative plans.

Resilient Communities

As rising seas and stronger storms increasingly threaten our coastal communities in Texas, those of us living in the Galveston Bay watershed understand the challenges of living with water. In the recent wake of Hurricane Harvey and its devastating floods, we can no longer solely take the post-disaster management approach. Reducing the risk to our coastal communities will require significant social and economic shifts, and adaptation in these areas will be a priority.

Clean Water 

Through the Clean Water Act, Bayou City Waterkeeper is able to hold polluters accountable and protect the waters that flow through our rivers and bayous into the Gulf of Mexico. As a part our Waterkeeper monitoring efforts, we conduct water quality testing to determine pollution levels and impacts within our watershed. With the help of our members and supporters, we strive to make sure that Texas and our local governments are following the law to protect the people and wildlife that depend on these waters.