BCWK Board Members

Jen Powis is the Board Chair and began serving the board in 2014.  She currently serves as general counsel to the organization.  An active advocate for the environment, Jen focuses on the legal and policy comments for GBK as well as communicating the regulatory framework to GBK’s supporters and members. She is the founder of the Powis Firm, specializing in environmental advocacy services and providing strategic direction for campaigns and programs for a variety of Gulf Coast non-profits.

Dr. John Jacob is the Board’s Vice-Chair and began serving the board in 2008.  John directs the Texas Coastal Watershed Program currently at Texas A&M University and provides education to local governments on the impact of land use on water quality.  John's professional interests include watershed management, sustainable urban development, wetlands, runoff pollution, natural resource mapping and assessment, and soil science.  John received a BS in Soil Science and an MS in Soil Science (Pedology and Mineralogy) from Texas Tech University, and a Ph.D. in Pedology from Texas A&M University.

Martin Hamilton is the Board Treasurer and began serving on the board in 2014.  Martin as a youth spent time swimming in the upper part of Buffalo Bayou and has been sailing on Galveston Bay for most of his life.  Martin is the organization's IT specialist.

Joe Liggio has a master of environmental science and provides geographic information system (GIS) mapping capacity and experience to Galveston Baykeeper.  After a career working for state agencies and corporations, Mr. Liggio utilizes his educational and professional experience to compile and analyze data for the Wetland Watch program for regulatory agencies.  Having joined the board in 2014, Joe participates in regulatory review of proposed state-wide rules for the organization. 

David Popken has been a Texas resident for nearly 40 years, joining the Board in 2018. He started his own business, a residential remodeling and home building company, in Houston in 1983. As an avid fisherman and sailor, it was only natural that he would want to be involved in restoring and protecting our watershed in any way possible. He and his wife live on Galveston Bay in Seabrook, where he is serving as a member on the Open Spaces and Parks Committee. Also a member of GBCA, Sierra Club and Audubon Society.

Sharron Stewart began serving on the Board in 2009.  She is a coastal advocate and educator based in Lake Jackson.  She has worked with many national, state, and local agencies to preserve and protect the coastal environment, including the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in its effort to protect examples of the Columbia Bottoms hardwood forests.  In the non-profit realm, Sharron has served on the boards of the Galveston Bay Foundation, Gulf Coast Fisherman's Environmental Defense Fund, San Jacinto Lung Association, Texas Committee on Natural Resources, Texas League of Conservation Voter, and the Texas Environmental Coalition.